Life Extension Values Clarification Survey

May/June 2008 Comments

Num Comments Date
2967 I believe that genetics will be the key to life extension. 2008-05-02 01:32:43
2998 obserd concept 2008-05-03 12:53:20
3110 Question 12 I cannot understand - I have never heard that living longer could be sinful. 2008-05-10 23:45:40
3165 Age 110 here I come! 2008-05-13 03:51:41
3199 Read Romans Chapters 1-3 from a King James Bible to live after you die. Christ is the only way to live for ever. Accept his payment for your sins by dying for the world on the cross. 2008-05-14 15:33:03
3305 I just find this topic to be extemely interesting and progressive. Additionally, I enjoyed reading the scientific explanation of the importance of melatonin in the blood. 2008-05-19 16:13:13
3312 If you could get bored with any length of life, then it is because you are a boring person. There are so places to see, so many people to met, so much to learn. Plenty of people get bored in our society as it is - no wonder they commit a slow suicide of hedonism. 2008-05-20 14:38:26
3315 Life extension is the coolest death is evil. 2008-05-23 03:30:53
3316 Let me think a bit about cryonics 2008-05-23 18:55:22
3399 Questions 24-26. I consider belief in God equivalent to believe in santa claus or fairies. You can not disprove the existence of these beings, as defined, yet their existence is irrelevant. 2008-06-01 20:29:10
3447 No. 2008-06-07 16:18:35
3614 I believe with good nutrition use of supplemets and vitamins can extend our lives. Good wine, olive oil, mediterrean diets, happiness, enjoyment of our daily duties - all can assist in our extended survival. 2008-06-22 12:30:54
3616 none 2008-06-23 09:19:58
3836 was looking for a reason to live... not an extantion 2008-07-14 04:18:00