Life Extension Values Clarification Survey

November/December 2007 Comments

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2248 Some things you asked can only be answered with another question. It was therefore dificult to say yes or no to a few of your questions. It would be nice to know what you are trying to prove, or disprove with your survey. Living on this plan of existance forever is not my goal and a I do not need to live her for more than "a measured number of years." I do believe that living a healthy life is important in order that we may take full advantage of whatever time that is. When I think of cryonics, I think about a Far Side cartoon I saw once in which a couple energed from their bomb shelter to a scourced earth with a mushroom cloud in the backround. "Great, we made it." My faith is Baha'i and my supliment is Juice Plus. Information about both are available online. Live in peace, Greg 2007-11-01 09:36:36
2255 Who wants to live forever? 2007-11-02 18:21:19
2265 I believe that humans have the creativity and ingenuity to solve nearly any problem that they are motivated to solve and believe can be solved. I am grateful that there are people who can tick both boxes. 2007-11-06 01:15:19
2266 #24- considering the wide expanse of the universe and the proof of evolution their had to be a supreme being to kick off the whole scheme of things 2007-11-06 09:49:00
2267 If they could fix depression I might consider cryonics, but as it is, it is a stupid idea for my. life I'd rather be dead and look forward to a better incarnation than this shit hole of an existence! 2007-11-06 19:36:12
2272 you are stupido 2007-11-09 16:28:55
2273 I believe that life-extension is, over-all, a good thing. However, I am also of the mind that there are certain.. types of individuals, or better yet, certain mind-sets, which should not be preserved, as they would be a detriment to the Good of Society. 2007-11-11 01:06:58
2284 I dont think cryonics could work... But in Koran there was mention abt a person who can go "to sleep" for abt 300 years in a cave (al Kahfii). And woke up not having friends etc. So i think there is a possibility of cryonics engg in the future (i dont know how long or how close we are) but its possible. But i dont think its by freezing ppl. May be there some kind of Vegetable state form with certain live support or energy that can slower human metabolism but not death. But what is a long life if u cant live it happyly. I dont think the question lies in how long u live... But may be it lies on how well u use your time... No matter how short or how long... 2007-11-14 04:50:09
2287 I personally don't ever want to accept even a transplant organ. Once my body gives out, my life is over. Lengthening life, whether you are "youthful" or not is irrelevant. Longer is not better. Some depressed, angry person will eventually be sad and angry for 200 years. What a discouraging thought. My life is, and always has been, fantastic. I still don't want to live forever. 2007-11-15 19:55:59
2290 I believe that anything is possible, and that there are consequences to many things. 2007-11-16 20:56:33
2294 I believe that people would have to work a lot longer (to an older age) if they were to live a longer healthy life and eventually due finacial decline the quality of life would decline correspondingly. 2007-11-17 23:25:59
2302 cryogenics is not my forte.very limited exposure to it. This survey has been a very interesting intro for me. Thank you. 2007-11-20 12:18:41
2304 i can't see options for all people to live very long, not becouse of extending life span, but resource shortage on planet, including overpopulation, starving etc. people want to reproduce. this is an option that you can create a new/your own/being is human race mortal wish leading to extinction. 2007-11-21 20:37:43
2314 Nature leaves clues... I believe there will be a significant jump in overall life expectancy within two years ! 2007-11-25 12:26:49
2319 I think, to be consistent and parallel, if you have possible answers of "Definitely, Probably, Possibly, No" - you are leaving out "Probably Not" and "Possibly Not" which might lead someone who wants to answer mostly negative to answer "Possibly" and skew your results! 2007-11-26 09:30:47
2322 I am interested in preserving and improving health within a normal lifespan. 2007-11-27 09:45:19
2326 I am very interested in getting in touch with you ben. Im a futurist thinker and would love to be on your team to promote life extensionand cryonics. I live here in toronto. I can be reached at 647 202 5970. 2007-11-28 17:00:38
2329 I believe that human reanimation as well as cloning is an abomination.. We are so clearly spiritual beings, profoundly wondrous creations. The desire to manufacture a pure animal “human” being is thoroughly evil and devoid of the most basic wisdom and moral ascent. The fact that this survey exists is an indication of the advanced state of moral decay which obscures even these clear and apparent virtues. I believe that the life of man is a singular opportunity to ascend to the full measure creaturdom, which is to know and experience their creator. Life doesn't end at death, but in the absence of this understanding, true life has never been experienced and no amount of "science" can create it. 2007-11-29 23:35:48
2336 the goal should be to slow the immune system down for strenth and allow it to work optimally while its restricted 2007-12-02 22:44:41
2338 Some questions are not specific, ie; is it a suitable age for me personally, or the general population. Otherwise, interesting and brings up some very valid questions. 2007-12-03 08:46:58
2339 Cryogenic companies, who the fuck knows, but I'd hazard a guess that you know them very well and have mortality issues or are looking for stuff to write a fiction about somebody waking in the future like, Woody Allen. All religious beliefs are human insecurities manifest. We're here because we're here and that's as much as we'll ever know. If you believe in a god then freezing yourself would be heretical 2007-12-03 11:00:10
2348 cod overnight tramadol 2007-12-06 08:55:53
2354 reincarnation - not sure about the whole concept of that - I think that 'physical matter' (atoms whatever) is reused & that could be a form of reincarnation but without a spiritual element...maybe 2007-12-06 20:20:50
2355 I think cryonics are a Very big issue that many people don't think about. I think it's very reasonable to beleive that someday science will achieve it, and a whole world of moral and social issues will arouse. I just hope that those who live long or are revived are able to adapt to the changes. I think that nevertheless, i want and should die at some time (although even with the most futuristic cryogenics we would all die sooner or later). I think it's ok, because death is part of life. All the time new things are born and others die. That is the rule of what Exists. That is evolution. From energy to atmos, from atoms to melecules, from molecules to unicelular life... we are part of a big process wich we do not control but wich isn't our "enemy" or something we should try to control as a whole. We act on our own nature, anti-naturality is a biological impossibility. If we as humans got the capacity to make science and maybe one day make cryogenics a reality, it will be a great advance and part of Evolution. But it's not the last frontier. Anyway, nice job, interesting survey. May you have a good life my friend :) 2007-12-07 01:54:57
2360 I can only imagine that God would laugh at me greatly if I were to think that I could prolong my life for a later resurrection by freezing my body. All souls belong to God. When it's your time to go, it's your time to go, and nothing can or will change that. 2007-12-08 13:06:18
2362 I would like to see more videos about this theme you your website.(Explaining the problems and the goods of leading with aging. Thanks 2007-12-09 11:44:23
2447 current cryo technology does not offer protection to the cells, tissues, and organs that can be revived. but future technology may provide cryoprotection which would allow revival of preserved cells, tissues and organs. 2007-12-19 13:41:52
2454 After seeing a woman who was crippled, and having severe arthritis healed totally, I now am no longer an existentialist atheist. Therefore I know, (not a faith thing, but a know thing) that there is God, and the possiblility of eternal life, that is not dependent upon science as we know it. Thankyou 2007-12-21 20:47:20
2458 My quality of life is lousy mostly due to my own inactivity, depression and poverty. I would welcome almost any rejuvination procedure that could reverse the physical and emotional damage I suffer and return me to the strong, healthy, beautiful human I was. One has only to observe the properties of defrosted frozen food to approximate the damage cyronics would do to human tissue. I can't afford it, so my opinion is moot, but wouldn't attempt it if I could; I'd give any money I had to someone who could derive pleasure from it while living. 2007-12-22 12:07:10
2460 Cryonics is at a primitive stage right now. 2007-12-23 03:21:58
2463 The world is divided into "Have" and "HaveNot",the rich will live long,the poor live short. The short lifer will hate the long lifer. 2007-12-23 18:16:20
2465 There is something fundamentally disturbing about cryonics. Should we advance to the point that this is possible one has to wonder where the available bodies to house the frozen brain would come from and, once anyone who might care has died, what would make anyone believe that their brain would not then be used at the whim of those caring for it. Not that research would bother me, but should this all become possible, why would any reasonable person expect to be able to cope with whatever 'brave new world' they found themselves now 'alive' in would be willing to welcome them and their host body in a friendly way? There are far too many X factors and all of them are disturbing. 2007-12-24 02:36:02
2467 Cryonics are not a solution to immortality. If you are pursuing that, you are off course. Life extension is of itself an interesting topic and obviously pro-survival, but in reality, can only be assumed or used toward this life. Brains, meat bodies (that all bleed), all the same thing, have little to do with life -- except perhaps part/parcel of the complexities of living cellular matter... but that is no different a complexity than why the moon revolves around earth insofar as importance goes. Immortality has to do with YOU as a spiritual being. Preserving your brain (meat) tissue in a frozen state is hardly any answer. Take your brain out and play with it, no slightest difference. LOL. 2007-12-24 22:15:28
2468 i am not for cryonics. I believe in Dr de Greys answer for stoping the aging proses. SENS needs more funding to be able to continue its work and shorting the time to achieve the goal. 2007-12-24 23:58:13
2469 no comments 2007-12-25 01:27:57
2472 While I would not completely rule out the possibility, I think cryonics as it is practiced today offers so little hope of successful revival that it is irrelevant. I am far more interested in slowing or reversing the aging process while alive. 2007-12-26 17:39:29
2473 What has 'God' got to do with it? 2007-12-26 18:54:37
2476 I am not very familiar with cryonics. 2007-12-28 15:51:43
2485 Hope life extension and cryonics will be available in developing countries in near future, and give the less fortunate a second chance. 2007-12-31 09:49:17