I am a Randall Munroe Fan

by Ben Best

I a great admirer of the internet cartoonist Randall Munroe, author of the cartoon xkcd (a name that is somewhat arbitrary except that it has given Randall access to a four-letter domain name at xkcd.com). Randall's cartoons are extraordinary in that they are packed with sophisticated scientific and mathematic references, can be psychologically insightful are often incredibly imaginative and can be outrageously funny. He is the most intellectual cartoonist since Jules Feiffer, but Feiffer was more purely psychological, sociological and political (very little science content). Both cartoonists could be very introspective in dealing with issues related to sex and love.

Randall has given permission on his website to copy his cartoons so long as the source is acknowledged:

" If it's a not-for-profit publication, you need no permission -- just print them with attribution to xkcd.com."

I don't make a profit on my website. (My website costs me money, and some call it a "vanity site", although I think of my website as my vehicle for disseminating uncensored truth).

So without much excuse I am reproducing some of my favorite xkcd cartoons, sourced directly from the xkcd.com website:

# 32 -- Pillar Perspective

# 44 -- One-up Love

# 55 -- How to Solve Love Problems

# 58 -- Helplessly In Love

# 69 -- Tell Me Your Thoughts

# 76 -- Connectedness

# 96 -- Delivery Problems

# 103 -- Moral Relativity

# 112 -- Venn Heart

# 128 -- Differential Pain

# 136 -- Science Fair Math Project

# 152 -- Wishes

# 165 -- Made in Heaven

# 196 -- Problem Solving

# 220 -- Meaning of Life

# 230 -- Hamiltonian Path

# 242 -- Scientist

# 276 -- Technical Problems

# 277 -- Intersection Engineer

# 287 -- Worth $15.05

# 310 -- Commitment

# 325 -- eBay Purchase Comment

# 327 -- What to Name the Baby

# 386 -- Error on the Internet


Randall also has a News/Blag ("Blag" is his word for "Blog") on his website. Randall supports himself with T-shirts and other items that he sells on his website, so please do visit his website store if you wish to support him financially -- and get some fun from his merchandise.